Friday, December 7, 2007

New changes coming up.

It's 11 PM on a Friday night and I'm sitting here working on catching up on some amazing senior sessions I've done over the last few weeks. Yes I'm THAT behind at the moment. Finals this semester have really kicked me in the rear so I'm thankful I decided to take the whole month of December off in anticipation with this.

Speaking of, have you all heard of It's my favorite music player when I'm up at night working while the rest of the house is quiet as a mouse.

I must admit I'm dissapointed in myself for not keeping up with things here on the blog. Part of my lack of posting is being unsure how many people are actually here looking at this, so, starting next year, I'm going to be posting a monthly special to keep you all on your toes. It'll be really GOOD too, not just a "free 8x10", no. This special will be something so cool. I just can't tell you what they'll be yet. ;-)

Other changes happening will be some shifting around of my packages and pricing. Like the saying go, the only things promised in life are death and taxes. Since my last (first) year in business has been so amazing and things are only looking up, I'm going to go ahead of get rid of some of my promotional packages and just rearrange things to include popular items. I am excited to show you some new items we'll carry as well. It's going to be so fun.

Another huge change is that I am accepting weddings. I have two booked already and more inquiries coming in. I will offer three more weddings at a special promotional price so if you or someone you know is interested please have them get a hold of me soon.

Speaking of, I have a bridal session tomorrow with Miss K so I should get to bed soon so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed and on my "A" game tomorrow.

Wish us good weather!

~ Sarah Anne

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