Friday, October 17, 2008

Sneak Peek | Dallas Baby Photographer

This isn't really a sneak peek as I've already finished the proofs and sent the parents the gallery, but I couldn't resisit posting a few of my favorites for my followers and just to show off the sweet baby goodness. There is something so wonderful about a newborn that melts your heart and makes you smile.

I just love this yawn. And the feet. Oh baby feet make me giddy. I think the next baby I have will have a whole album devoted to his/her baby feet.

NBTaraC-36 by you.NBTaraC-31 by you.

NBTaraC-19 by you.

And goodness how could you resist that scrunchie face?


Brandi said...

Oh I looooove that foot photo! Beautiful job Sarah :)

Brooke Bowland said...

love baby feet!!!

where did you scoop up the wrap??