Friday, May 9, 2008

Yay it's so fun!

So many things to talk about! Hang on for a fun post full of updates.

One, you might have noticed the new look I have going on at the portfolio site? ( ) I updated the splash page to give you a little taste of the fun things I have coming this summer. We're updating our entire image, a little "face lift", just to keep things looking how we feel. ;-) And we've give the little bitty babies a space of their own. Who can resist looking at their scrunchie goodness?

Along with that, you likely see that we have a whole new portal coming out this summer. Dun dun dun. If that excites you, be sure to check back in next week for a crazy give-away I will be doing.

And I still have one slot open for my Boudoir Hotel session on the 17th! Buy in is only $75 for 1.5 hours. More info here :

Alex and I met up and finished her second half of her senior portraits. You may remember her from earlier in this post. I had a fabulous time and her proofs are sent to the lab and I can't wait to get them back and see how delicious they are! Take a sneak peek -

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