Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Reason is This...

Yesterday I had the most amazing opportunity to photography Robert and Katie's wedding. Their story is simple, perhaps even traditional in some parts, and yet all together extraordinary. They met while in high school, dated for a few years, and decided they could not delay the rest of their lives any longer. But the most delightful part about them was the electricity of passionate love that surrounded them. Their eyes would lock and they would instantly be transported into their own little world. They would dance together on the floor and you could almost see them float off into the clouds. My favorite moment of the night, was during a song when they were dancing together, a beautiful flowing across the dance floor in a softly lit room with everyone watching, and the groom began to sing the words of the song to his bride, and they were like lyrics of a poet drunk on love coming from his mouth in a whisper meant only for his wife.

This is why I love my job. This is why I am so giddy to be invited to photograph a wedding, because being able to have the honor of telling someone's love story is the most amazing thing I have ever done.

This couple will have an official sneak peek later this week, but for tonight I had to leave you with one quick image. They would dance pressed together, nose to nose, moving together in an effortless dance of love and possibilities.

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