Thursday, February 7, 2008

It is my pleasure...

To give you a small little sneak peek into the love story of Katie and Robert...

Once again I'd like to thank Krista from Amoura photography for all her help during the wedding, some of these sneaks were photos she took but were so amazing I had to share them. It has been so a wonderful experience working with Krista the past few weeks.

The day of the wedding and the sky is bright and blue and full of promises for the future.

The ceilings were amazing! Look at them. Gorgeous.

This shot nearly brought me to my knees I loved it so much. I don't think I have the vocabulary to be able to describe how much I love this picture. The focus and highlights on the dress are marvelous.

The red in her wedding was brilliant. Enough to notice without being overwhelming. Perfect.

There they are... Almost time. Mom was sniffling behind me by this time.

You may now kiss the bride.

The ring. Gorgeous.

I know, a lot of kissy mushy pictures, but I can't help it. They were so in love with each other it would be a shame not to share.

Dancing with her father - Something about this picture is just so timeless to me. The way he holds her hand and is gently guiding her around the dance floor.

She was so proud to be the first to smash the cake. I had to prove it was true.

The DJ had an amazing set up and as soon as I locate the card he gave me with all his information I will share it with you!

See what I mean? The lighting was fantastic! Such a cool addition to the reception.

These lights were just fabulous! I had so much fun playing with my camera and the lights.

Time to toss the bouquet! Too bad the groom decided to launch the garter on the count of "One" and caught me totally by surprise. Remember... you wait until "Three" not "One". ;)

And we end with a little "Soulja Boy" I have a whole set of pictures from these three doing their Soulja Boy dance and they are just priceless. But you'll have to wait to see more of those. ;-)

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~Sarah Anne


Newell said...

Wow, Sarah - I had no idea how amazingly talented you are! These photos are amazing! Truly! Makes me wish you lived near me so you could capture my moments so beautifully.
Hugs to you and Cade,

whefah said...

Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos

William Ryan III said...

These pictures are amazing! You did such a fabulous job capturing the day. I feel like we're back out in Granbury when I see these:) What a fun night!

Thanks for capturing the light design too!

William Ryan (the DJ)
It's Your Night entertainment