Sunday, January 27, 2008

This one is mine...

I rarely post pictures of my son, mainly because I was worried if I did people would think I had waaaaaaaaaaay too much extra time on my hands in order to be able to take so many pictures of him, but yesterday I finished an amazing engagement session with a couple and when I got home I was still in the the Photographer mode. I played with my son for awhile and managed to get a good number of pictures of him and it reminded me of how much fun it was to photograph children. I have not had a child photography session in a good while and I think the break from tanrum toddlers was good for me. It helped to give me back my patience for waiting for that perfect shot instead of trying to rush them around.

Here's a couple of my son -

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Sarah... when did he grow up?
I'm thrilled to see some new pics of the little man. I'm always thrilled to see your pics, though!

whefah said...

^ That anonynous was me!