Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ramblings of Random | Fort Worth Child Photographer

Things have been quiet around this blog. The last few months have been full of boudoir work for Noire Belle, but over here we seem to have taken a small breather during the winter months. I'm so excited for this spring, though, as we have a lot of new things planned and sessions scheduled.

The little dude and I have been having a rough time as he steps into his 'terrible twos' and I watch my sweet, complacent little boy get replaced with this impulsive and investigative kid. There are weeks I'm so tired from redirecting and entertaining that I've not even brought the camera out to play with him. I finally broke the mold the other day and spent a few minutes, camera in hand, just letting him be him. Trucks and all.

Wearing his favorite shirt from Janie and Jack, he asks to wear this shirt daily. I am so going to need to save it for his baby clothing quilt.


Speaking of Janie and Jack, have you see this shirt? I'm so tempted to buy it as the little dude is moving into a bike and wheel phase at the moment.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Get out and make some memories.

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