Thursday, January 15, 2009

Senior Sneak Peek | Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer

It might be the middle of winter but things are only getting hotter around here. From the amazing onslaught of spring and summer sessions which are coming this way, the new products we're testing, and the restructuring of our collections and product pricing, things are aimed to keep everyone on their toes.

One of the coolest new additions is the way we will be posting out sneak peeks for high school seniors. I know you want the full Hollywood treatment from start to finsh, and as such your images will be displayed in a fully unique way to show off the amazing session you had.

Today's sneak peek is for Brendan, a senior this year whom I had the honor of spending an afternoon with downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan trying out new ideas and getting a little quirky. He wanted something different from what anyone else would have, and I think we managed to nail it on the head.

Enjoy the sneak!

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Brandi said...

That was awesome! Very cool slideshow!