Friday, July 25, 2008

Snappity Snap : Fort Worth Baby Photographer

I've read before that it's hard for an artist to play Pictionary. They say that the remedial stick drawings people use in order to win the game are so different from the skills that artists have spent years trying to learn and perfect that it's just impossible for them to draw something without the details which suck up their time during the game. I never fully understood the concept of this until the last year.

Since I've opened my doors professionally for photography I've used my son as a primary model for new locations, equipment, and insane ideas before presenting them to a client. He has so many digital images of himself tucked away on my hard drive just waiting for me to have a spare minute (ha!) to go through and pick out the ones I want to print. But really it's sad how he is lacking the traditional snap-shots of childhood that fill so many of my baby albums.

I'm on a mission these days to bring the camera with me more often and not be so focused on the technical aspects of the photography, but to just enjoy the moment and feel free to take a snap-shot once in awhile.

So today, while at the mall, I took some snap shots of him playing with his friend Lea. I did some very light editing to them, and I'm sharing them here with my readers.

PD-JessLea-3 by you.

PD-JessLea-6 by you.

PD-JessLea-12 by you.

PD-JessLea-27 by you.

PD-JessLea-28 by you.

And our Gorgeous friend Lea...

PD-JessLea-24 by you.

PD-JessLea-17 by you.


Julie said...

He's a cutie!

Jessica said...

He is adorable! Looks like he had fun too! :)