Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fort Worth Maternity Sneak Peek

You know those sessions where you walk away thinking "I cannot wait to see how many awesome images I got!"

I had one of those on Friday. It was a lucky break all around that I was able to schedule this session but I'm so glad it worked out and I'm drooling over the thought of the newborn images come this September. I don't even know if I can properly describe how much I enjoyed myself during this session and getting to meet the three doggies and one bird. ;-) Did I mention I'm an animal lover? Bring on the slobber and the furballs!

Here's a little sneak peek so you can all see why I'm so excited.

They had the most amazing furniture I've seen. I've been drooling since I left.

And this crib. It's gorgeous. They even have the room all decorated and ready.

I finally found someone willing to use my tie! I just loved how this one turned out.

And, I must admit, this is one of my all time favorite maternity images I've ever taken.

And, of course, we couldn't leave out her first baby.

N & T thank you so much for welcoming me into your home for this session. You guys have great style and I can't wait to come back to meet your little one.

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susan said...

I love the tie picture, and the dog picture. and the mirror one. what a beautiful shot.