Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boudoir Photography Update

I've been working like a mad woman around here trying to get a bunch of behind the scenes stuff going. Thankfully one thing I can finally cross off my list (almost) is my Boudoir website.

Fort Worth Boudoir Photogtaphy

After a good while of thinking, I decided that it would be best to showcase my boudoir photography on its own website so I didn't have to worry about someone viewing my blog while at work and seeing a photo which is not safe for work, or not appropriate for their children to see at home. I hope this will help keep everyone happy, but having two blogs to update will drive me nuts after awhile. My plan is to just post occasional sessions on the Boudoir Blog and keep this one as my main photography blog. Sounds fair?

Go check out the website, tell me if you notice anything needing to be changed or fixed. I have a few things left to tweak before it's officially done, but it was close enough to update for now. ;-)

~ Sarah

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