Monday, May 26, 2008

43 Things

I've been kinda obsessed with this website, 43 things, for awhile now. I have a constantly full list of things I want to be actively working towards accomplishing and trying to complete, but one of the items on my list I felt was worth sharing with my readers here. ;-)

The list item is to find 100 things in life that make you happy ( besides money ). Now I'm not sure if that means you should put material items on the list or not, but I thought it's a great thing to do, to know what makes you happy and brings a smile to your eyes.

I thought I would share my list with you as I create it, tonight I wrote down the first twenty five things and each week I am going to add on more. I hope to complete this goal by the end of the summer. Would you like to join me?

25 / 100 things which make me happy -

1. My Son
2. Photography
3. Music
4. A summer breeze
5. A pair of well fitting jeans
6. A call from a good friend
7. An email from a happy client
8. Mountain Dew
9. A good quality pen
10. A new tooth brush
11. A well lived in home
12. A cute pair of dangly earrings
13. flip flops
14. Time to paint my toe nails
15. Reading
16. Fresh cut flowers
17. A child’s laugh
18. Learning something new
19. The smell of a recently cleaned room
20. Long showers
21. The opportunity to sleep in past 8 AM
22. Freshly washed bed sheets
23. Red Lipstick
24. A full calendar
25. An organized desk

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